Made in Mexico , Canadian by heart , post-digital nomad in Europe and e-resident of Estonia .

I used to make art installation, now I design for a living, animate for extra bucks and make music for fun.

Currently Product Designer @ Apple

Blockchain Explorer

As Product Designer @

Blockchain's explorer is the oldest crypto explorer with approximately 12 million users a month. It was built by engineers and barely touched by designers due to its complexity.

My job was to restructure and consolidate all the explorer properties, improve navigation and optimize its main pages for retention.

Student Dashboard

As Lead Designer @ Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

CFI is a global provider of online financial modeling and valuation courses for financial analysts. It currently has over 1 million students from 170 countries.

For this project, my job was to create a platform for students around the world to access their courses, certifications, assessments and to keep track of their progress. I worked on the experience for the end-user.

Design System

As Lead Designer @ Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

I joined the Corporate Finance Institute as their first in-house designer. From the company branding to the launch of their platform, I took the work from ground zero to delivery.

CFI was growing fast and it was very important to ensure design consistency across all products. I took the initiative to create a design system for CFI's website, dashboard, learning materials, and brand.

Information in Motion

As Motion Graphics Designer @ Bettsina Walkinson (Freelance)

I usually take contract work for small animation projects such as explainer videos in health, education, and finance.

Below is a demo reel of my 3D and 2D animation work.

iPad Game

As Concept Artist @ Centre for Digital Media

During my master's degree, our team was approached to develop a mobile strategy game for games company Roadhouse Interactive and the First Nations Technology Council (FNTC).

My main responsibility was to research about First Nations in British Columbia and come up with the art style for our game. As a secondary role, I worked in UX design.

Party Piano Installation

As Artist @ CEDIM

An art piece that was part of my thesis project during my undergraduate degree. Whilst I don't do it professionally, I love experimenting with code, hardware, and visual design to create mixed media installations.

For this piece, I created a mechanical installation that uses marker pens to ‘print’ lines of colour whilst a user plays a toy piano.