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Bettsina Walkinson's Portfolio

Hi! I am Bettsina. I strive to create products that inspire and that have a positive impact in the world and people’s lives.

I aim to create pixel-perfect interfaces and conversion-oriented user experience design. Working in projects related to visual language and storytelling to help companies build trust with their customers. Passionate about automated, ethical, open and privacy by design.


Building a Brand & Product for a Growing Startup

How CFI’s brand & product were created


Building a Visual Language

Behind the scenes of building a design system for the Corporate Finance Insitute


Pixel Perfect + Responsive Dashboard Redesign

Developing a user learning dashboard with scalable and reusable components


Interactive & e-Learning Design

Turning financial topics into easy to digest and visual information


Information in Motion

Selected animated videos created for education, finance and health companies


Bringing Awareness About First Nations of BC

How a game can make a better world

Documenting Visual Ideas with Orbits (Co-founder)

A tool to document and collaborate visually


Latest Writings

I write things about digital media and my journey as a designer.


miData Experience

A new relationship with data part one.
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Cheaply Ever After

16 free tools to work remotely and do design - from ideation to hand off designs.
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Journey to Uncertainty

A year ago, I left almost everything to pursue new dreams, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.
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Working Remotely Survival Kit

Tools to help you become a digital nomad.
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