Made in Mexico , Canadian by heart , post-nomad in Europe and married to a Brit .

Currently Product Designer @ Apple

Blockchain Explorer

Product Designer
2020 (5 months) Explorer is the oldest and most trusted block explorer and crypto transaction search engine for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Student Dashboard

Lead Designer
2018 - 2020

With over 600,000 users and a million enrollments, the Corporate Finance Institute's dashboard is the home of students from 170 countries and one of CFI's flagship products.

Design System

2016 - 2018

I joined the Corporate Finance Institute as their first in-house designer. From the company branding to the launch of their platform, I took the work from ground zero to delivery.

Information in Motion

Motion Graphics Designer
2013 - 2019

Demo reel of one-minute explainer videos. My work includes storyboarding, illustration, motion design video and audio editing.

iPad Game

Art Direction & UX Design
2013 (4 Months as Graduate Student)

A mobile strategy game developed for Roadhouse Interactive and The First Nations Technology Council of British Columbia.

Party Piano Installation

2011 Art Exhibition

A mechanical installation that uses marker pens to ‘print’ lines of colour whilst a user plays a toy piano.