Lead Designer

Concept art for a mobile game

Curating First Nations of BC art to bring a serious mobile game to life.


Concept artist as a graduate student at the Centre for Digital Media

2013 (4 months)

A mobile strategy game developed for Roadhouse Interactive and The First Nations Technology Council of British Columbia, Canada.  The main objective of the game is to bring awareness of First Nations of British Columbia.

It is a 3D casual/puzzle game where the player takes on the role of nature itself and has the ability to create terrain in the form of blocks.

My role in this project was to curate the art within the project. I researched about First Nations art, create concepts for the art of the game and work with the other designer to create all assets.





Art Direction
Concept Art
U1 Design

Lessons learned

  • I learned to work in a multidisciplinary team

  • I learned how games are made

  • I learned how to work with a project manager

  • I learned how to implement user experience in a mobile game

  • I learned how to communicate with a client

  • I learned how to work with other designers


Our game was in the news


Art overview


The art follows a surrealistic style strongly inspired by stories, colours, shapes and icons of the First Nations culture from the Pacific Northwest Coast of America.

We collaborated with First Nation Artist, Darren Blaney, who guided us through the process of creating First Nation's art and told us similar stories that spoke of a world suspended in the sky over a body of water.

Influenced by this story we created a metaphorical world where a wheel is balancing on a totem pole.


The game mechanics in a nutshell