Lead Designer

Interactive & e-learning Design


Interactive & e-Learning Design

Turning financial topics into easy to digest and visual information


Learning Strategies Group (LSG) is a global leader in tailored training. As a learning designer, I took care of the end-to-end process in developing interactive learning solutions that visually educate and engage. During my time at LSG, my team was awarded gold for best leadership capability project and silver for best bespoke learning model at the LearnX Impact Awards.

Website: learningstrategiesgroup.com


All my work with Learning Strategies Group is under NDA. If you would like to know more about the projects, please email me.



Visual design
eLearning development
Project management

Lessons learned

  • I learned how to improve my communication skills

  • I learned how to delegate tasks to others

  • I learned how to manage my time more efficiently

  • I learned how to create project timelines

  • I learned how to deal with difficult conversations

  • I learned how to manage external resources


At LSG I worked with:


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