Bettsina Walkinson

Human Interface Designer @ Apple.
When not working you can find me in Azeroth or watching an F1 race.


My Journey

Hi 👋🏼 I’m a multi-disciplinary designer based in Canada, I like drawing, making music and playing videogames.

When I was a kid, I saw Toy Story 1 for the first time and I wanted to become a character animator. However, growing up like every other millennial, in a time where technology changed from analog to digital, and instant connectivity became part of our everyday lives, I became very interested in the design world and anything related to the information age.

I still have a love for animation and I use it for prototyping interfaces or storytelling and marketing.

After finishing my Bachelors in visual and media arts, I spent my time creating installation art and experimenting with visual programming using Processing and MaxMSP. Later on, I wanted to explore the less existential world of art, by studying a Master’s degree in digital media, where I had the opportunity to learn about design thinking.

During the last year of my studies, I ventured in the startup world and co-founded Orbits, a real-time collaboration tool. While at Orbits, I had the opportunity to pitch our project at Mozilla, Facebook, and Hootsuite.

Besides art and design, music has been part of my life since I can remember. I danced ballet for 15 years which gave me the sensitivity to connect motion with music and storytelling.
Music composition is my emotional outlet every other day. I play the piano and experiment with electronic music. In the last few years, I've had a few piano recitals and the opportunity to play with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music during my piano studies there.

I’ve been fortunate to work with global teams and keep learning about our beatuiful world. I spent close to 2 years as a digital nomad traveling and working remotely. I’ve been privileged enough to make a home in places like Mexico, Canada, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


2020 Got a little pomsky dog
2020 Started working at Apple
2019 Came back to Canada
2018 Worked as a lead designer in FinTech
2018 Lived as digital nomad in UK and Europe
2017 Met my partner
2014 Started working as a multimedia designer
2014 Graduated from master’s degree
2013 Co-founded Orbits
2012 Moved to Vancouver
2011 Graduated from art school
2010 Worked at an art gallery

Who inspires me:
Lev Manovich, Marshall McLuhan, Golan Levin 

Favourite artists:
Roy Lichtenstein, Tim Hawkinson

Recent books:
Life 3.0, Red Mars

Listening to:N’to, Who Made Who, Royksopp

Currently playing:World of Warcraft, Northgard, Brawl Stars